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How to increase mig33 level??

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How to increase mig33 level??

Post by nirob.19 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:36 pm

What is mig33 level?

Mig33 level is a number & image in mig33 user's profile, which show the activity and time spend in in mig33 at a glance.

Mig33 level depends on some matters, like . . .

1. How many time you spends in mig33?
2. How active you're in chat?
3. How popular your profile is?
4. How much you contribute in building mig33 community?
5. How much mig33 credits you spend(for buying gift,emotion etc) ?

How mig33 level works?

Different mig33 levels give you different mig-powers. As example, in low mig33 level you cann't creat a chat room & you need a high mig33 level to be a global admin.

1. Spend more time in mig33.
2. Be more active in chat.
3. Join mig33 groups.
4. Creat new topics in group & comment no topics.
5. Update/edit your profile from time to time.
6. Go to new rooms, so that more people visite your profile.
7. Make your friends to visite your profile.(you may write in your statu message-'friends, visit my profile there is a important info. for you'. and give a new info. in your profile.)
8. Buy new emotions and send more gifts.
9. Invite more friends to mig33.

Hope you'll increase your mig33 level soon doing all these things.

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