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Make Super Group Chat

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Make Super Group Chat

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:20 pm

This trick is only for Mobile. This tricks helps you to disconnect your enemy. This is the trick to make annoying group chat which can count more than 100s at a time so, that person has to get exit from Mig and there is no any other way of escaping from it. To make a super group chat 1st pvt the person, and invite some one who is online at your contact list, don't take your friends c0z it will make a big trouble for them, so u must have 2,3 ids online in other to pvt. Now dont invite the person yet just be ready to invite. Minimize mig and make a call to any service operator e.g 900 in Mero Mobile so that your Gprs will be on hold. When u get connected to call just invite the person, keep on pressing on the top of the person name as many as you can. Now end the call so that you will get back the Gprs connection. Now u can see more than hundred group chat on the lines at a time. Just try it but make sure dnt get Dc.

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