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MANY IDS FROM ONE NUMBER tricks by Valopola62

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MANY IDS FROM ONE NUMBER tricks by Valopola62

Post by valopola62 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:04 am

open sum mig33 register pages usiog emulator n fillup the required information.give the same mobile number(unregistered) in all those pages.b4 clicking the SUBMIT option pause/hold ur GPRS connection.when ur connection will b held thn click SUBMIT option 4m those mig33 register pages u opened.then the registering user process will continue at the same time.after that resume ur GPRS connection.after a few seconds u will see message showing a confirmation of ur successful registration 4m multiple IDs u jst registered n u will get different authentication codes via sms.thus u w'd b able 2 register multiple IDs with a single number(2 try it out u can open 15-40 mig33 files or how many u want at the same time.its doesn't mean that all these IDs will b registered but u would be able to register some of these IDs).thank u afro
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