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Quick Flood With Mobile Without Soft

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Quick Flood With Mobile Without Soft

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:36 pm

Nirob.19 is back with another master trick for you.
(This trick only compatible with mobile phones with copy paste option )

These are the easy steps to follow :

1. Create any message with 80 characters of your choice e.g

And copy the same on your menu.

2. Now enter a room and paste the message and immediately .......

3.Paste the message again but delete the last character of the message. example: ( ? )
4. Immediately paste message again but now without deleting the last character.

It is this simple.You just keep on deleting last character of your alternate message and paste all messages immediately one after the other.

With some practice you increase your speed and become the fastest flooder in mig.

<thanks> lol!

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